Sunday, 20 September 2015

Don't dream your life , live your dreams....

                                              we are resposible for what we are , and whatever we wish to be we have the power to make ourselves.
       we are responsible,
      for what we are
           and whatever we wish to be,
            we have the power to make ourselves

          My this post is dedicated to those “ who believe , feel and want to make their dream come true, but somehow because of other priorities in life their dreams have been dispersed”
          I am reading  “ The complete works of Swami Vivekanand “ In this book what I realized that Swamiji’s  teachings , his works , his principles are all based on only two facts of life Humanity and Truth .
          In my this post and also in all the related post I will try my level best to relate his thoughts and facts with ours. I hope my small effort can be answers to your hidden doubts. And you know what even I am looking out solutions to many of doubts about life and also about we the puppets
          Swamiji  says “What we are now is only the result of our past actions and whatever we wish to become in future will be because of our present actions “
          Friends we all have some dream in our heart and mind , Like when I was young I would always dream to opt mass media as my career but u know how our family structure is, being a Marwari girl and living in a Marwari society where u are surrounded by businessmen , engineers , CAs .
I always feel that I did one mistake in my life I always would listen to others and not to my heart but you know what,  I can’t blame my parents , my surrounding my society for that as I didn’t had guts, daring to believe in my dream. Just because of my parents , just because someone doesn’t feel the same spark in my dream I changed my decision, my path of life and now I repent on my past decisions .
          I realized “what I am now is only because of my past actions and whatever I wish to become in future will be because of my present actions”
And so now instead of repenting I focus more on bringing my life back on track , Friends It’s not about Dreaming big, It’s all about believing in your dream and taking small baby steps in that direction.
          I don’t know whether my these words have the spark that burns your dream more clearly in your mind’s eye. But trust me friends, do what you dream, don’t stop dreaming else time will come when you won’t be able to dream.
You know what ,  “If you are not happy then you can’t make others happy “ 
And so here comes the answer to all your worries ,frustration,depression.To make oneself happy start doing small things that keep you happy from inside.
          Like generally  I have seen many of friends who have become housewives after marriage have a certain negativity in them as in they feel demotivated and complex with their working friends. So my honest suggestion to you my lovely , sweet ,cute housewives is please remove this poisonous thought from your mind that if you are without a job or u are not earning then you have spoiled your career or life. 
Trust me all men and women in a society are not of the same intelligence, capacity and luck. I know it’s difficult to accept but yes it is true. I will ask you one question Is this the only petty motive left in your life. Find out the motive energy / power that prompts you that can reanimate you / make you feel young again, start breathing new life , rejuvenate yourself …..
          If you love dancing join a kathak class , a zumba which is in trend , love drawing  join some  creativity class ….love music join singing class , guitar…etc; If you are a doctor by profession and now at home start writing blog or with the help of a techy friend make an app and share your knowledge to the world outside.
Oh come on !!!! 3 day a week not a big deal Right!!!!
In worst case chalo at least an hour a week ….
Now don’t give excuses ….like I don’t have time, My family won’t permit….etc,etc.
It is an excuse that you are giving to yourself not to others .Friends its only you are losing no one else. As someone has rightly said “ To advance we should have faith in ourselves first and then in God”
“ kal kisne dekha hain jo karna hain aaj karlo “
          My special request to youngsters who are choosing different career options and are completely confused  In Bold I would say “ Please follow  your passion , your dream, your eternal motive  trust me you will be successful in real terms“
          As what I feel successful is a person who loves his/her work and not the one who earns good but still not happy and satisfied in life


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